Annual Report FY 2022/2023

CNUW 2023 Annual Report (1).pdf

Dear Community, 

This past year at the Corona-Norco United Way has been one of growth—and if you are intimately familiar with the concept of growth, then you know that there are a lot of implications within the word. The process of growth often includes letting go of “old” ideas, eliminating contentment, pursuing improvement, embracing failure, and a general openness of doors, hands, and minds. As a team who is committed to being the light for community members experiencing unpleasant life circumstances, we have had to embrace growth in several ways in order to continue the effectiveness of our work. The continual diversity of the community needs has provided such an opportunity to be creative with our care. Increasing this year has been pregnant teenage victims, the introduction of less commonly known languages and dialects, severe mental health matters, and more violent cases with extra layers of complexities. Fortunately, with so many great collaborators and networks in our area, we have been able to rise to the challenge and support clients on a whole different level!

As a team, we saw each other through some personal challenges, health issues and successes—but this only served to further solidify the extraordinary synergy we have as a staff, Board of Directors, and Youth Board. The amount of passion, love, selflessness, and fun we have is truly unparalleled! But this is our secret ingredient to running such an efficient and effective organization who has proven to provide transformation and sustainability to members of the community. I want to extend a heartfelt THANK YOU to the families, friends, community partners, champions, donors, sponsors, and every single person who has supported, donated, and believed in us! I am so proud of this organization and look forward to continuing to be a force multiplier in this world.

Dr. Alía Rodriguez, Chief Executive Officer