'Tis the season for giving...

Update as of 12/05/2022:

All of our families and kids have been adopted. THANK YOU to all who have donated and supported our Holiday Giving Campaign for 2022!

Posted November 10, 2022:

This year, we have several families and children who would love to be adopted for the holidays! From families experiencing domestic violence and homelessness, to children who have lost their parents or are facing extreme financial hardship, all our families and children have already been vetted and represent some of the biggest needs in our community.

And just so you know, while you decide whether to participate, the families and children that have been selected are very hard working, loving, and grateful people. They are people who are putting in the work to have a transformed and sustainable life, but just need a bit of help this holiday season. Please also know that while your generosity will be WELL RECEIVED, it is the feeling of relief and hope that will really be of most value!