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Financial Independence Training

Achieving Financial Stability

As many as one-third of working Americans do not earn enough money to meet their basic needs. These individuals are walking a financial tightrope - they are barely able to get by, with no ability to save for college, a home, or for retirement. With your help, United Way is working to cut in half the number of lower-income families who are financially unstable.

The community and family issues that stem from the economic and financial pressures facing individuals and their families are growing increasingly complex and more difficult to address. Wages have not kept pace with the rising cost of housing, healthcare, and education in many areas, and skill levels have not stayed in alignment with changing industry needs. As a result, more than 12 percent of the U.S. population has an income below the federal poverty level, in spite of the fact that many are employed, some with two or three jobs.

That's why the Corona-Norco United Way Financial Independence Training Program (FIT) was created. FIT focuses on providing financial literacy, needs assessment, develop a financial plan, income/expenses administration and how to increase income. The program caters primerally to low-moderate income families and individuals. The program offers a certification to those students completing the five-weeks program.

 FIT is offered by United Way in partnership with Wells Fargo Bank, AAA and World Financial Group and donations of individuals like you.


  1. Develop a family financial plan.
  2. Equip the participant with knowledge, skills, and tools to make sound financial decisions.
  3. Manage expenses effectively and consistently.
  4. Begin a systematic savings plan.


To participate please call 951.736.0620