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Community Impact Project

Community Impact Projects are service work done by a person or group of people that benefit others. It is often done in an area where you live so your own community reaps the benefits. You do not get paid to perform this service, but volunteer your time for the good of others. Community Impact Projects can help many different groups such as children, senior citizens, homeless, churches, non-profit organizations, and more. 

Many people participate in Community Impact Projects because they ENJOY helping others and improving their community. The Corona-Norco United Way Youth Board has taken the lead in developing Community Impact Projects because we are passionate and dedicated to do our part and make the the lives of others, better!
Additional benefits to participating in these types of projects include: 
  • Gives you a way to help others
  • Helps improve our community
  • Can help strengthen resumes and college applications
  • Can be a way to meet new friends
  • Often results in personal growth
  • Gives you a way to gain work experience and learn more about certain jobs
Settlement House Restoration Project (Phase 1 - Completed August 2020)
As a Youth Board, we want to improve our community by helping in the restoration process of the Settlement House. This project will help restore the Settlement House and aid in their efforts to reach those in need in our community.
  • Paint the interior store
  • Organize thrift store contents
  • Trim down all the bushes immediately around the store
  • Pick up all the trash immediately around the store
  • Sand and paint the window frames
  • Paint the outside trim of the store
  • Paint the white stripes for the parking spaces