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As part of this community, each and every one of us shares the responsibility of improving the quality of life in our community.

Corona-Norco United Way provides important programs that assists people who need a helping hand and every dollar collected counts.


Are United Way contributions tax-deductible?

Yes, if you itemize. However, there are certain limitations. 

You should consult with your financial advisor or tax preparer for details.


What should I do if I feel pressured to contribute?

Charitable giving is a personal matter and a personal decision. No one should be coerced into contributing.

United Way is merely the simplest, quickest, and most effective way to contribute and help this community at the same time.


Where can someone turn to find the right program or service for a specific problem?

Toll free 2-1-1 serves as an information and referral resource regarding available health and human social services in the Corona-Norco area and Riverside County.


When I retire, can I continue to give to United Way?

Yes. You can call Corona-Norco United Way at 951-736-0620 to set up automatic donations. You can also visit our website's GIVE page to continue your support. By calling us, we can set up pledges monthly, annually, semi-annually, or quarterly. Thank you for your gift!


How do I find non-profit organizations that need help so I can volunteer?

Call our office at 951-736-0620 and we will do our best to provide you with the experience.


Do businesses make contributions to United Way, aside from their employee contributions?

Yes. Locally, corporate contributions account for approximately 5% of funds collected during the campaign.


Why do some agencies charge fees for their services?

Usually, if a fee is assessed, it is on a sliding scale to accommodate the client's income, so someone who truly needs assistance is not turned away.


Why should someone who doesn't use any community services care about United Way's success?

United Way provide programs for people of all ages, backgrounds and income levels. None of us can know when problems may affect their own family; health issues and job loss can happen without warning. By donating to United Way you can ensure these services will be there when you or someone you know may need them. United Way not only helps individuals, they help our entire community. The wholesomeness of our community is directly influenced by the health, happiness, and well-being of everyone in it. Broken homes, delinquency, mental illness, care for children, and drug abuse are social issues that affect us all.


Do I have to contribute to receive services?

No. United Way services are open to anyone within our community who has a need for assistance.


Who runs Corona-Norco United Way?

Corona-Norco United Way has a professional staff of five, however, local volunteers and community leaders sit on the Board of Directors and guide the United Way's efforts on behalf of the community.


How much of each dollar contributed actually goes to helping people?

Corona-Norco United Way contributes .80 cents of each dollar.