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Adulting 101

One of the things the Corona-Norco United Way Youth Board expressed a need for, was to learn HOW TO LIFE. They felt it paramount to know how/understand/apply some of the most basic life functions that are not always taught, but assumed they know. This comes in a variety of topics and the YB worked together to identify thing they wanted to learn. Working with the Corona Norco United Way staff, we decided that the best way to teach these topics was through a monthly Adulting 101 class where a guest speaker gives the "real" talk of these topics. 
  • July 2020, IT and Computer Troubleshooting: With the common use of technology, it is imperative that the youth know and understand how to navigate their way through basic IT issues and computer "quick fixes." This included what to do when your computer freezes, the mouse or keyboard stops working, what the Task Manager does, and how to search for unsearchable files on the computer. 
  • August 2020, Household Cleaning Basics: It may be assumed that everyone knows how to clean their house properly and the frequency, but it is not always true. In this class, the YB was taught cleaning tips and tricks, which products to use, which products not to mix, how often to clean and why. 
  • September 2020, College Prep: High schoolers feel a lot of pressure to choose a college, major and simply what to do with their life. This class was a combination of a recent high school graduate who had been accepted to several sought after universities and a college professor who provided the realities that exist when applying to college. 
  • October 2020, Teen Dating Violence/Sexual Harassment/Sexting: The prevalence of domestic violence in teens is on the rise and not always openly discussed. In fact, many teens experience dating violence and sexual harassment and tell no one about it. This class was designed to educate the youth on the signs of teen dating violence, what sexual harassment is and what to do when it happens, and how sexting can impact ones image, reputation and credibility. 
  • November 2020, Vehicle Maintenance and How to Change a Tire: Knowing your car and what all the buttons and functions are, is something all people should know, but some of the youth today are left in the dark with knowing how to simply pop the truck. In this class provided a "live", hands-on demonstration of how to change a tire, what the tools needed are called, general car maintenance, and situational awareness when you are pulled over on the side of the road.
  • December 2020, Self Awareness and Emotional Support: Ensuring youth are self-aware and have emotional support is such a necessary element to growing into a healthy adult. With all the pressures and stressors of life, many of our youth feel emotionally overwhelmed and are unable to identify what they feel and why. This class taught the YB how to identify key stress indicators that take a toll both mentally and physically and how to create time for self care. 
  • January 2021, Interview Skills: The art of being a good interviewer is not one so easily accomplished because nerves always get in the way! This class gave practical and real-world tips, tricks and skills to do well in any interview (i.e. employment, college application, scholarship and internship). Topics ranged from what to wear (or not to wear), how to connect with the rater, non-verbal communication, self awareness and how to get over the "I don't like to talk about myself" mantra. 
  • February 2021, Public Speaking: It has been said that public speaking is one of the most feared things in the world--even more than spiders and heights! However, we all know how necessary it is to be able to learn how to talk to people in a public setting, for a presentation in school or for work. This class identified the best ways to become a public speaker, the benefits of speaking and how becoming a good public speaker can lead to opportunities. 
  • March 2021, Personal Finance: Understanding the basic fundamentals of personal finance can help our youth set themselves up for financial success in their adult lives. This is one of the most common "I wish I would've known" moments adults have! This class discusses the following topics: how to open your first bank account, how to save money and why, how to pay bills and why it is so important to do so, what is a credit score, the do's and do not's of applying for a credit card and what an APR is.